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paid-in capital

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paid-in capital 납입자본금

[부기 및 회계용어]
일반적으로 인정된 회계 원칙 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP라고 생략한다)
세법 tax code
상법 commercial code
유가 자산[부채] current assets
외상 매출금 accounts receivable
수취(受取) 어음 notes receivable
유가증권 marketable securities
유가 자산[부채] current liabilities
외상 매입금 accounts payable
지불 어음 notes payable
장기 자산 long-term assets
투자 investment
장기 부채 long-term liabilities
불입 자본금 paid-in capital

[百] 불입자본 (拂入資本) paid-in capital

[百] 유상증자 (有償增資) paid-in capital increase

[百] 납입자본금 (納入資本金) paid-in capital

[회계 용어 2]
대차대조표 Balance Sheet
assets 자산
current assets 유동자산
quick assets 당좌자산
cash and bank deposit 현금과 예금
marketable securities 유가증권
trade receivables 매출채권
allowance for bad debts 대손충당금
short-term loans 단기대여금
deferred income tax debits 이연법인세차
inventories 재고자산
merchandise 상품
finished goods 제품
semi-finished goods 반제품
work in-process 재공품
raw materials 원재료
supplies 저장품
non-current assets 고정자산
investments 투자자산
long-term bank deposits 장기성예금
restricted cash and bank deposits 특정현금과 예금
investment securities 투자유가증권
long-term loans 장기대여금
long-term trade receivables 장기성매출채권
present value discount account 현재가치 할인차금
investment properties 투자부동산
guarantee deposit 보증금
tangible assets 유형자산
land 토지
buildings 건물
accumulated depreciation 감가상각누계액
machinery and equipment 기계장치
ships 선박
vehicles and transportation equipment 차량운반구
construction in-progress 건설중인 자산
intangible assets 무형자산
goodwill 영업권
intellectual proprietary rights 공업소유권
mining rights 광업권
fishing rights 어업권
land use rights 차지권
deferred charges 이연자산
organization costs 창업비
pre-operating costs 개업비
new stock issurance costs 신주발행비
debenture issurance costs 사채발행비
research and development costs 연구개발비
liabilities 부채
current liabilities 유동부채
trade payables 매입채무
short-term borrowings 단기 차입금
income taxes payable 미지급 법인세
devidends payable 미지급 배당금
current portion of long-term debts 유동성 장기부채
deferred income tax credits 이연법인세대
long-term liabilities 고정부채
debentures 사채
discount on debentures issued 사채발행차금
long-term borrowings 장기 차입금
long-term trade payable 장기성 매입채무
present value discount account 현재가치 할인차금
liability provisions XX 충당금
stock holders' equity 자본금
common stock 보통주 자본금
preferred stock 우선주 자본금
capital surplus 자본잉여금
capital reserves 자본준비금
paid-in capital in excess of par value 주식발행 초과금
gain on capital reduction 감자차익
assets revaluation reserve 재평가적립금
retained earnings 이익잉여금
legal reserve 이익준비금
reserve for business rationalization 기업합리화 적립금
reserve for financial structure improvement 재무구조개선적립금
reserve for.......... XX 적립금
unappropriated retained earnings carried over to subsequent year 차기이월 이익 잉여금
capital adjustment 자본조정
discounts on stock issurance 주식할인 발행차금
pre-operating dividends 배당건설이자
treasury stock 자기주식
consideration for conversion rights 전환권 대가
consideration for stock warrants 신주인수권 대가
unissued stock dividends 미교부주식 배당금
gain on valuation of investment in equity securities 투자주식평가이익
overseas operations translation credit 해외사업환산대
accrued expenses 미지급비용
accrued income taxes 미지급법인세
accrued dividends 미지급배당금
accrued income 미수수익
acquisition cost 취득가액
advance from customers 선수금
advance payments 선급금
Allowance 대손충당금
capital stock 자본금
conversion right adjustment accounts 전환권 조정계정
convertible bonds 전환사채
doubtful accounts 매출채권
gross amounts 총액
in aggregate 일괄해서
investment assets 투자자산
liquidity 유동성배열법
memorandum accounts 비망계정
netted amounts 순액
prepaid expenses 선급비용
product warranties and guarantees 공사보증충당금
repairs and maintenance 수선,판매보증충당금
severance and retirement benefits 퇴직급여충당금
stock issurance costs 신주발행비
stockholder's equity 자본
structures 구축물
suspense payments 가지급금
suspense receipts 가수금
the face value 액면가액
treasury bonds 자기사채
unearned income 선수수익
withholdings 예수금

[회계 용어 3]
감가상각 : depreciation
감사보고서 : audited statement
가속상각 : accelerated depreciation
간접비: overhead
간접세 : indirect tax
감자: reduction of capital
결손금: deficit
계정 : account
고정비: fixed cost
고정자산: fixed asset
기말재고: ending inventory
기업공개 : going public
기업어음 : commercial paper
납입자본금 : paid-in capital
내부수익율 : internal rate of return : IRR
내부자거래 : insider trading
당좌대월: overdraft
당좌자산 : quick asset
대변 : credit
대차대조표 : balance sheet
전신환매입율 : telegraphic transfer bid rate
전신환매도율 : telegraphic transfer offer rate
매출원가 : cost of goods sold
매출이익 : profit margin
매출총이익 : gross profit
미지급이자: accrued interest
미지급비용 : accrued expense
미처분 이익잉여금 : undivided profit
받을어음 : note receivable
법정자본금 : legal capital, stated capital
변동환율 : floating exchange rate
부채 : debt
사후정산 : ex-post settling up
상각 : amortization
세전이익 : pretax income
소득 : income
소득세 : income tax
손익계산서 : income statement
손익 : profit and loss
손익분기 : breakeven
손익분기점 : break-even point
수권자본 : authorized share capital
순이익 : net profit
연결대차대조표 : consolidated balance sheet
연결손익계산서 : consolidated income statement
영업수익 : operating revenue
영업비 : operating expenses
외상매출금 : accounts receivable
우발채무 : contingent liability
원가 : cost
운전자본 : working capital
유가증권 : security
유동부채 : current liability
유동성 : liquidity
유동자산 : current asset
이연부채 : deferred liability
이월 : carry over
이자 : interest
자기자본 : equity
자기자본비용 : cost of equity capital
자기자본수익율 : return on common equity : ROE
자본 : capital
자산 : asset
자산매각 : divestiture
자산수익율 : return on assets : ROA
재고 자산 : inventory
재무제표 : financial statements
재투자 : plow back
적자 : deficit
정기예금 : time deposits
증자 : increase in capital
지급불능 : insolvency
지급어음 : note payable
차변 : debit
청산 : liquidation
투자수익율 : return on investment : ROI
특별매출 : special offering
특별이익 : extraordinary income
특별손실 : extraordinary loss
파산 : bankruptcy
평가절하 : devaluation

납입금(納入金) payment amount;amount of payment;money paid;money/payment due
납입금보관자(納入金保管者) custodian of money paid;depositary/keeper/trustee of payment amount
납입기일(納入期日) fixed date for payment;due date for payment;date set for payment
납입담보책임(納入擔保責任) warranty liability for payment;liability to secure payment
납입자본(納入資本) paid-in capital;paid-up capital
납입최고(納入催告) peremptory notice of payment

출자(出資)(하다) investment (invest);contribution (contribute);financing (finance)
§ 한국은행의 회계와 국가 또는 지방자치단체가 자본금의 2분의 1이상을 출자한 법인의 회계
Accounts of the Bank of Korea and those juristic persons to which the State or local governments have
invested a majority or more of their capital stocks.
§ “발주청”이라 함은 건설공사 또는 건설기술용역을 발주하는 국가, 지방자치단체, 국가 또는 지방자치단체가
납입자본금의 2분의 1이상을 출자한 기업체의 장 기타 대통령령이 정하는 기관의 장을 말한다
The term “ordering authority” means the state, a local government or the head of a firm to which the state
or a local government contributed one half of its paid-in capital or more or such head of an institution as
determined by Presidential Decree.

paid-in capital 납입자본금

paid-in capital

주식발행 초과금 paid-in capital in excess of par value
주식할인 발행차금 discounts on stock issuance

공사보증충당금 product warranties and guarantees
공업소유권 intellectual proprietary rights
관계회사 Affiliated companies
관련회사 Related companies
광고선전비 advertising
광업권 mining rights
구축물 structures
급여 salaries
기계장치 machinery and equipment
기말상품재고액 ending inventory of merchandise
기말재고 ending inventory
기부금 donations
기업공개 going public
기업어음 commercial paper
기업합리화 적립금 reserve for business rationalization
기초상품재고액 beginning inventory of merchandise
납입자본금 paid-in capital

addition: (건물 등의) 증설
additional allowance: 할증수당
additional and betterments reserve: 증개축 적립금
additional assessment 추가과세
additional assessment: 추징, 갱정결정, 추가부과
additional capital: 증가자본
additional charge: 추가비용
additional compensation: 추가보수
additional depreciation 초과(추가)상각
additional depreciation: 추가상각
additional expenses: 추가비용
additional first-year depreciation: 초년도 추가상각
additional paid-in capital: 추가불입자본금
additional personal relief 추가인적공제
additional tax: 가산세
additional to tax for underpayment: 과소납부 가산세

increased paid-in capital: 유상증자

paid-in capital in excess of par: 주식발행 초과금

paid-in capital increase: 증자, 유상증자

paid-in capital over par: 주식발행 초과금

paid-in capital 납입자본금

paid-in capital: 불입자본금

납입(보통주)자본금: Paid-in Capital

납입자본순이익율: Return on Paid-in Capital

증자사항: Paid-in Capital Increase

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