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obligated [´abl∂g`eitid] ...할 의무가 있는

obligate [´abl∂g`eit] 의무를 지우다

obligate ..할 의무가 있다, ..에 매어있다

obligate 의무를 지우다.

좀 부담스럽다.
I feel obligated(=burdened).

formality 의례; 형식적임 (ceremonious quality; something done just for form's
The president received the visiting heads of state with due formality: flags
waving, honor guards standing at attention, bands playing anthems at full
blast. Signing this petition is a mere formality; it does not obligate you in
any way

Surely you will agree that we are obligated to do many things in life that are not required by law.
우리가 인생살이에서 법이 요구하지 않는 많은 일을 해야한다는 사실에 당신은 틀림없이 동의할 것이다.

obligate 의무를 지우다

Kang says, "Although my daughter is gone I tried to be more active because I feel obligated to give back to the members that provided me with support and attention."
강선생님은 다음과 같이 말합니다.
"우리 딸은 죽었지만 저는 더욱 더 열심히 활동하였습니다.
왜냐하면 저에게 지원과 관심을 보내주었던 회원들에게 보답해야 할 의무를 느꼈기 때문입니다.”
The society collects annual funds and offers payments to patients without outside funds and those suffering relapses.
이 모임은 매년 기금을 모아, 아무런 지원을 받지 못하는 환자나, 재발로 고통받는 환자들을 위해 도움을 줍니다.

Lose the other guys.
다른 남자들을 버려요.
...Like, ...all of them?
...... 전부....다?
C'mon, we're great together, why not?
그냥 우리끼리도 좋잖아요, 안 그래요?
Why can't we just have what we have now? Why can't we just talk, and laugh, and make love, without feeling obligated to one another...
우리 그냥 이대로 지내면 안 돼요? 서로에게 구속당하지 않고,
재밌게 얘기하고, 사랑을 나누고, .....
and up until tonight I thought that's what you wanted too.
전 당신도 그런 관계를 원하는 줄 알았는데요.
...Well, y'know, part of me wants that, but it's like I'm two guys, y'know? I mean, one guy's going 'Shut up! This is great!'
...... 그게..... 제 안에는 두 사람이 있어요.
한 사람은 '조용히 해! 좋기만 한데 뭘.' 이라고 하는 반면,
But there's this other guy. Actually it's the same guy that wells up every time that Grinch's heart grows three sizes and breaks that measuring device...
또 한 놈은 '이건 너무 힘들어, 이제 그만하고 나와! 나와!' 라고 말하면서 제 가슴을 갈갈이 찢어놓죠.
So... which one of the two guys will you listen to?
그럼..... 당신은 누구 말을 들을 건데요?
I don't know, I-I have to listen to both of them, they don't exactly let each other finish...
모르겠어요. 둘 다겠죠. 아마 둘의 싸움은 끝나지 않을 겁니다.

This is good work. Keep me informed. Thank you.
잘 했어, 계속 보고해 줘 고마워
Shut the door.
문을 닫아
- Are we saying Nina's a traitor? - Not yet. We need to know more.
- 그러니까 니나가 배신자인가요? - 더 알아 봐야 해
Should I shut down her confidential access?
기밀사항 접근을 막아야되겠죠?
No, that'll slow everything down. There's gotta be some kind of explanation for this.
안 돼, 상황진전이 늦어질 거야 접근을 막는 이유도 설명해야돼
Right now what I really need is the data off that card.
지금은 카드에서 정보를 뽑아내는 게 중요해
But aren't we obligated to seal off her channels with this much evidence?
하지만 이 정도 증거라면 접근을 막아야되지 않아요?

가등기(假登記) provisional registration
가등기가처분(假登記假處分) provisional registration and disposition
가등기권(假登記權) right to provisional registration
가등기권리자(假登記權利者) person holding/having a right to provisional registration
가등기담보(假登記擔保) provisional registration security;provisionally registered security
가등기담보권(假登記擔保權) right of provisional registration security;provisionally registered security right
가등기명의인(假登記名義人) person in whose name the provisional registration is made;person whose name is
provisionally registered;holder of any right on the provisional registration
가등기설정계약(假登記設定契約) contract to effect the provisional registration;contract for establishing the
provisional registration
가등기의무자(假登記義務者) person obligated to make the provisional registration;person liable for provisional

배상(賠償)(하다) compensation (compensate);indemnification (imdemnify)
§ 건설업자가 고의 또는 과실로 건설공사의 시공을 조잡하게 하여 타인에게 손해를 가한 때에는 그 손해를
배상할 책임이 있다
Where the constructor inflicts losses on others by executing roughly a construction work on
purpose or by negligence, he/she shall be under obligation to compensate for the losses.
§ 설계 등 용역업자가 설계 등 용역업무를 수행함에 있어 고의 또는 과실로 발주청에 재산상의 손해를 발생하게
한 경우에는 이를 배상하여야 하며, 설계 등 용역업자는 발주청에 이에 관한 보증서를 제출하여야 한다
The design, etc. consultant shall indemnify the damage when he/she causes, either intentionally or negligently,
the ordering authority damage in the performance of the design, etc. service;and shall submit a certificate of
guarantee regarding the indemnification for such damage to the ordering authority.
배상결정(賠償決定) decision on compensation
배상금(賠償金) compensation;indemnity;amount of compensation;reparations
§ 배상결정을 받은 신청인은 지체 없이 그 결정에 대한 동의서를 첨부하여 국가나 지방자치단체에 배상금 지급을
청구하여야 한다
An applicant who has obtained a decision of compensation, shall request without delay the payment of
compensation, attaching consent to the decision, to the State or local government.
배상금액(賠償金額) compensation;indemnity
배상금지급(賠償金支給) compensation payment;payment of damages
배상명령(賠償命令) order of compensation/remedy;compensation/remedy order
배상신청(賠償申請) compensation application;application for compensation/remedy
배상심의회(賠償審議會) Deliberative Committee of Compensation;Compensation Council
배상액(賠償額) amount of compensation;compensation;(amount of) damages
배상의무(賠償義務) liability to compensate;liability for damages;liability of indemnification;liability to make
배상의무자(賠償義務者) compensator;indemnitor;indemnifier;person liable for damages
배상절차(賠償節次) procedure for compensation
배상채권(賠償債權) indemnity claim;indemnities
배상책임(賠償責任) obligation to compensate;liability of compensation;liability for damages
§ 감리전문회사가 건설공사 발주자에게 배상책임을 부담하는 경우에는 이에 대한 보증업무
Guarantee services in case the construction supervision firm is obligated to compensate the person having
placed an order for construction work.
배상청구(賠償請求) claims/request for compensation/indemnification/damage
배상청구권(賠償請求權) right to request compensation/indemnification/damage;right of claims/request for

이행강제(履行强制) compulsion of performance/compliance/execution
이행강제금(履行强制金) charge for compelling the performance/compliance/execution
이행기(履行期) period of performance/compliance/execution
이행명령(履行命令) order of performance/compliance/execution
이행방법(履行方法) method of performance/compliance/execution
이행보고(履行報告) report on performance/compliance/execution
이행보조자(履行補助者) performance assistant
이행보증(履行保證)/이행보증금(履行保證金) performance guarantee
이행보증보험(履行保證保險) performance guarantee insurance
이행불능(履行不能) impossibility of performance
이행의무자(履行義務者) person who is obligated to perform
이행지(履行地) place of performance
이행지체(履行遲滯) delay of payment by obligor
이행청구(履行請求) demand/claim for performance/discharge

[樂] obligato, obligat (바로크의 기상음악을) 연주할 때 빠져서는 안 되는 기본된

toxoplasmosis (톡스플래즈마증) an acute or chronic, widespread disease of animals and
humans caused by the obligate intracellular protozoon Toxoplasma gondii, transmitted by
oocysts containing the pathogen in the feces of cats (the definitive host), usually by
contaminated soil, direct exposure to infected feces, tissue cysts in infected meat, or
tachyzoites (proliferating forms) in blood.

Abc is not responsible for anything related to Your Property(ies), including without limitation the receipt of queries from end users of Your Property(ies) or the transmission of data between Your Property(ies) and Abc.
Abc는 귀하의 자산 관련 어떠한 사항 ( 귀하 자산의 최종 이용자로부터 검색어를 받거나 또는 귀하 자산과 Abc 사이의 데이터 전송을 포함하되 이에 한정되지는 않음 ) 에 대하여도 아무런 책임을 부담하지 않습니다.
In addition, Abc shall not be obligated to provide notice to You in the event that any Ad, Link, Search Result, or Referral Button is not being displayed properly to, or Referral Event is not being completed properly by, end users of the Property(ies).
아울러 Abc는, 자산의 최종 이용자에게 광고, 링크, 검색결과 또는 추천버튼이 적절히 게재되지 않거나 또는 자산의 최종 이용자에 의해 추천이벤트가 적절히 완료되지 않는 경우, 귀하에게 이를 통지할 의무가 없습니다.

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