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Aeacus 〔´i:∂k∂s〕 아이아코스(Zeus의 아들, 저승 Hades의 재판관이 됨)

habendum 〔h∂b´end∂m〕 (=(which is) to be had)물권 표시 조례(양도 증서 가운데서 양도되는 물권을 밝히는 조항)

Hadean Hades

Hades 〔h´eidi:z〕 황천, 명부, 저승

hade 〔heid〕 언각(단층, 광맥 등의 경사를 수직면에서 잰 각도, 언각을 이루다, 기울다

hadn't had not의 단축

had have의과거(분사)

he'd he had의단축

he'd he had(would)의 단축형

i'd suf, I had의단축, IDE의 변형

I'd I had 의 단축형

it'd 〔´it∂d〕 (구)it had(would)의 단축형

lief 〔li:f〕 기꺼이, 쾌히, would(has)as ~ ...(as) ...할 바에는 ...해도 좋다, would(had)~er ...than ...보다는 ...하는 편이 낫다

she'd she had의단축

soon 〔su:n〕 이윽고, 이내, 곧, 빨리, 기꺼이, as(so) ~ as , ... 하자 마자, as ~ as possible 될 수 있는 대로 빨리, no ~ er than , ... 하자마자, ~ er or later조만간, would(had) ~ er or, ...than , ... 보다는 차라리 , ... 하고 싶다

Tartarus 〔t´a:rt∂r∂s〕 (Hades 보다 훨씬 아래에 있는) 지옥(골짜기)

we'd we had의 단축

who'd who had의 단축

youd you had(would)의 단축

have had it ~이 지긋지긋하다, ~에 진절머리가 나다.

He had a sandwich for lunch. (그는 점심에 샌드위치를 먹었어요.)

It had been raining all day. (그것은 하루 종일 비가 왔었어요.)

We had a great time at the party. (우리는 파티에서 즐거운 시간을 보냈어요.)

They had a great vacation. (그들은 멋진 휴가를 보냈어요.)

They had a successful business meeting. (그들은 성공적인 비즈니스 미팅을 가졌어요.)

The team had a tough game. (팀은 힘든 경기를 치렀어요.)

They had a long discussion about the project. (그들은 프로젝트에 대해 긴 토론을 했어요.)

The team had a great victory. (팀은 훌륭한 승리를 거뒀어요.)

I would have gone to the party if I had known about it. (나는 그 파티에 대해 알았다면 갔을 거예요.)

I would have helped you if you had asked. (너가 부탁했다면 내가 도와줬을 거예요.)

I would have finished the project if I had more time. (더 많은 시간이 있었다면 프로젝트를 끝냈을 거예요.)

I would have called you if I had your phone number. (전화번호가 있었다면 전화했을 거예요.)

I could have helped you if you had asked.
당신이 부탁했다면 도와줄 수 있었을 텐데.

If I had studied harder, I could have passed the exam.
더 열심히 공부했다면 시험에 통과할 수 있었을 텐데.

I could have gone to the concert, but I had other plans.
콘서트에 갈 수 있었는데, 다른 계획이 있어서 못 갔어요.

I could smell the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread.
막 굽은 빵의 향기가 좋게 느껴졌어요.
If I had more time, I could have finished the project earlier.
시간이 더 있었다면 프로젝트를 더 일찍 끝낼 수 있었을 텐데.

If I had known about the party, I could have attended.
파티에 대해 알았다면 참석할 수 있었을 텐데.

If I had more time, I could have learned to play the piano.
시간이 더 있었다면 피아노를 배울 수 있었을 텐데.

The plan didn't work out as they had hoped. - 계획이 그들이 희망한 대로 되지 않았어요.

He asked her if she had seen his keys. (그는 그녀에게 그의 열쇠를 봤는지 물었어요.)

I had to stay at work after hours to finish my job.
나는 일을 끝내기 위해 야근해야 했습니다.

How was the movie yesterday?
어제 영화 어땠니?
Wonderful. I had a good time.
아주 좋았어. 즐거운 시간을 보냈지.

Doctor, my head hurts.
의사 선생님, 제 머리가 아파요.
How long have you had this problem?
얼마동안 아팠어요?
For two days now.
지금까지 이틀 동안이요.
It seems that you have a cold. You had better go home and stay in bed.
감기 걸린 것 같은데요. 집에 가서 침대에 누워 쉬는 게 좋겠네요.

As a matter of fact, she's just had her first book of poems published.
사실, 그녀의 첫 번째 시집이 발간되었어.

I really enjoyed the days we spent in Los Angeles. I especially had a good
time at Disneyland.
로스앤젤레스에서 보낸 날들이 정말 좋았어. 특히 디즈니랜드에서 좋은 시간
을 보냈어.

avail oneself of; (=take advantage of, use) 이용하다
You had better avail yourself of this opportunity.

de well to; (=had better) ~하는 게 좋다
Young men do well to read the lives of great men.

for nothing; (=in vain, without reason, without payment) 헛되이, 이유 없이, 공짜로
We had all our trouble for nothing.
They quarrelled for nothing. I got it for nothing.

give way; (=retreat, break down, abandon oneself to) 물러서다, 무너지다, 참다못해 ~하다
Our troops had to give way.
The railings gave way and he fell over the cliff.
Don't give way to despair.

in any case; (=whatever happens, anyhow) 어떤 경우에도, 어쨌든
In any case you had better hear what he says.

make up for; (=compensate for, atone for) 보충하다, 보상하다
I had to work hard to make up for lost time.

of late; (=lately, recently) 최근에
We have had little rain of late.

read over; (=read roughly) 대충 읽다
I had no time to correct your paper, but read it over.

run out of; (=exhaust the supply of, run short of) (물품이) 바닥이 나다
The troops ran out of ammunition and had to withdraw.

think over; (=consider carefully before deciding) 곰곰이 생각하다
She had thought it over beforehand.

나도 한 때는 잘나갔었는데.
I had my glory days.
(cf) I'm over the hill.

당신 머리 자르셨군요.
You had your hair cut.
You got a haircut.

당신은 입장을 밝혀야 했어요.
You had to take a stand.

더는 못 먹겠어요.
I've had enough.

사랑니를 뺐어요.
I had my wisdom tooth pulled out.
(cf) eye tooth : 송곳니, molar tooth : 어금니, cavity : 충치

오늘은 푹 잘 잤다.
I slept like a baby[log].
I had a good night's sleep.

I had a minor setback.
제게 작은 문제가 생겼습니다.

She had the goods on me.
그녀는 시시콜콜 나에 대해 알고 있었죠.

우리 집에 식구가 들었다.
We had a new addition to our family.

그 난관과 싸워야 했다.
I had to hang tough.

사실은 성형수술을 좀 했어.
The truth is, I've had a little cosmetic surgery.
Actually, I've had some plastic surgery done.

너무 큰 기대를 하고 갔다가 실망했어요.
I had high hopes but it was let down.

입이 열 개라도 할말이 없다.
Even if I had a silver tongue, I would have nothing to say.

난 공포영화를 보러 갔는데, 너무 무서워서 거의 눈을 감고 있었다.
I went to the horror movie but it was so frightening that I had to close my eyes through most of it.

지난주에 요청한 4개의 보고서 중 3개는 다 쓸 시간이 있었어.
I had time to write up three of the four reports you requested last week.

당신은 권태기가 있었어요?
Have you ever had the seven-year itch?

몇몇이 술을 지나치게 마시는 바람에 일이 난감해졌다.
A few people had too much to drink, and things got out of hand.

당신은 입장을 밝혀야 했어요.
You had to take a stand.

오늘은 푹 잘 잤다.
I slept like a baby[log].
I had a good night's sleep.

그는 조퇴했는데요.
He took off the rest of the day.
He had a short day.
He took off early.
He had a half day.

내가 아버지 차를 고장냈을 때 몹시 화를 내셨다.
Father had kittens when I wrecked his car.

더는 못 먹겠어요.
I've had enough.

예고 없이 쪽지시험을 봤어요.
We had a pop quiz.

당신 머리 자르셨군요.
You had your hair cut.
You got a haircut.

어젯 밤에 악몽을 꾸었다.
Last night I had a nightmare.

어제 밤에 이상한 꿈을 꾸었다.
I had a strange dream last night.

지난 밤에 깊은 잠을 잤다.
I slept like a log last night.
I slept like a baby last night.
I slept deeply[soundly] last night.
I had a deep[sound] sleep last night.

아침을 간단히[많이] 먹었다.
I had a light [heavy] breakfast.

아침식사는 준비되었지만, 먹을 시간이 없었다.
The breakfast was ready, but I had no time to eat it.

아침에 복통[치통, 두통, 요통]이 있었다.
I had a stomachache [toothache, headache, lumbago] this morning.

우물쭈물 할 시간이 없었다.
I had no time to lose.

점심을 먹었다.
I had [ate] lunch.

나는 점심에 김밥과 샌드위치를 먹었다.
I had kimbap and sandwiches for lunch.

나는 점심을 가볍게 먹었다.
I had a light lunch.

간식을 먹었다.
I had some snacks.

오늘 학교에서 재미있었다.
I had fun at school today.

오늘은 늦게까지 아무것도 못 먹었다.
I had not eaten anything till late in the afternoon.

꽃 구경 갔다.
I had a blossom viewing.
I went to view the flowers.

오랫동안 비가 왔다.
We have had a long spell of rain.

오랫동안 비가 오지 않았다.
We have had a long spell of dry weather.

온몸에 소름이 끼쳤다
I had goose bumps all over.

추위를 견뎌야 했다
I had to stand(bear) the cold.

눈이 내렸다
It snowed.
It was snowy.
We had a snowfall.

간밤에 눈이 약간 내렸다.
We had a light snow last night.
There was a light snowfall last night.

눈싸움을 했다
We had a snowball fight.
We fought with snowballs.

금년은 예년보다 눈이 적게 내렸다.
This year we have had less snow than usual.

어제는 10년만에 가장 많은 눈이 내렸다.
Yesterday we had the heaviest snowfall we have had in ten years.

오늘은 매우 바빴다.
I was very busy today.
I was tied up today.
I had a great pressure of work today.
I was engaged with the work today.

오늘은 집에서 저녁을 먹었다.
I had dinner at home this evening.

저녁을 가볍게 먹었다.
I had a light dinner.

일찌감치 저녁을 먹었다.
I had an early dinner.

저녁에 이태리 음식을 먹었다.
I had Italian food for dinner tonight.

할 것이 아무 것도 없었다.
I had nothing to do.

오랜만에 가족들과 함께 저녁을 먹었다
I haven't had dinner with my family in a while.

즐거운 [환상적인, 즐거운] 하루였다.
I had a wonderful [fantastic, terrific] time today.

답장을 빨리 받았다.
I had an early answer.

그 회사가 진취적인 면이 있어서 지원했다.
I applied for the company because it had an aggressive aspect.

오늘 면접이 있었다.
Today I had a job interview.

일이 익숙해 질 때까지는 무척 바빴다.
I had been busy until I got acquainted with my job.

사장에게 불만이 많았다.
I had a lot of complaints about my boss.
I am full of complaints about my boss.

오늘은 야근을 해야했다.
Today I had to take a night duty.

은행에 사람이 많아서 줄을 서야만 했다.
The bank was crowded, so I had to stand in line.

카드로 현금 서비스를 받아야 했다.
I had to borrow money on my card.

엄마의 생신 선물을 위해 돈을 저축해 두었다.
We had some money put aside for mom's birthday present.

돈이 없어서 빚 갚는 것을 미루어야 했다.
I had to put off paying my debt.

그는 아무 일도 없었다는 듯이 행동했다.
He behaved as if nothing had happened.

그의 말에는 가시가 있었다.
He had a biting tongue.
His words carried a sting.
There was an edge to his voice.

내일 할 재미있는 계획을 생각해냈다.
I had an funny idea for tomorow.

유쾌하게 하루를 보냈다.
I passed the day pleasantly.
I had a pleasant day.
Today was pleasant.

정말 즐거운 하루였다.
Today I had a really nice day.

좋은 경험을 한 날이었다.
I had a good experience.

오늘은 할 일이 많았다.
I had many things to do today.

바쁜 하루를 보냈다.
I passed a busy day.
I had a busy day today.

오랫동안 비가 왔다.
We have had a long spell of rain.

오랫동안 비가 오지 않았다.
We have had a long spell of dry weather.

비가 오랫동안 오지 않아, 올 여름은 가뭄이 들었다.
We had a drought this summer because it didn't rain for a long time.

다리가 뻐근했다.
I had stiff legs.
My legs were stiff.
I felt stiff in my legs.

아침 식사를 하고 교복을 입었다.
I had breakfast and put on my school uniform.

오늘은 좀 더 일찍 아침을 먹었다.
I had breakfast a little earlier.

나는 라디오를 들으며 저녁을 먹었다.
I had dinner while listening to radio.

악몽을 꾸었다.
I had a nightmare.

그가 너무 많이 변해서 거의 알아 보지 못할 뻔 했다.
He had changed so much that I could hardly recognize him.

편챦으신 이후로 다른 사람들을 돕는 일을 그만해야 했다.
She had to stop helping others since she was sick.

집에서 할 일이 매우 많았다.
I had a lot of work to do in the house.

빨래를 해야 했다.
I had to do the laundry.

그 옷은 손 빨래로 빨아야 했다.
I had to wash the clothes by hand.

그 옷은 얼룩이 많았다.
The clothes had many stains.

그 옷은 세탁소에 가져가야 했다.
I had to take the clothes to the laundery shop.

그 옷은 드라이 크리닝시켰다.
I had the clothes dry-cleaned.

세탁소에 양복 한 벌을 드라이 크리닝과 다림질을 해 달라고 맡겼다.
I had a suit dry-cleaned and ironed at the cleaner's.

여분의 전구가 있어서 나간 전구를 갈아 끼웠다.
I changed the light bulb that went out because I had extra ones.

정전이 되었다.
The electricity was out.
We had a blackout.

머리 가리마를 가운데로 탔다.
I parted my hair in the middle.
I had my hair parted in the middle.

나는 머리를 염색했다.
I had my hair colored.
I dyed my hair.

머리를 탈색시켰다.
I had my hair bleached.

미장원에서 머리를 짧게 깎았다.
I had my hair cut short at a beauty shop.

머리를 다듬었다.
I had my hair trimmed.

앞 머리만 다듬었다.
I had my bangs trimmed.

머리를 층지게 깎았다.
I had my hair cut uneven.

단발 머리로 깎았다.
I had my hair bobbed.

머리를 반 듯하게 폈다.
I had my hair straightened.

샴푸를 하고 셋팅을 했다.
I had a shampoo and set.

머리를 곱슬거리게 했다.
I had my hair curled.

덧니가 났다.
I had a double tooth.

시력 검사를 했다.
I had my eyes examined.

아침에 서둘러 교복을 입어야 했다.
I had to put on my uniform in a hurry in the morning.

나는 학교에서 수진이와 싸웠다.
I had a fight with Sujin at school.

나는 선생님의 질문에 맞는 대답을 알았다.
I had the right answers for the teacher.

꾸지람을 받아서 부끄러운 생각이 들었다.
I was ashamed that I had been scolded.

오늘 갑자기 쪽지 시험을 봤다.
We had a pop quiz today.

나는 영어를 공부해야 했다.
I had to brush up on my English.

집중이 잘 안 되었다.
I had trouble concentrating.

오늘 학력 고사를 보았다.
Today we had achievement tests.

시험 때문에 매우 떨렸다.
I had butterflies in my stomach because of the exams.

I had butterflies in my stomach.

오늘 큰 시험을 치루었다.
I had a big test today.

마음을 편히 하고 시험에 임했다.
I had the exams with ease.

영어 시험을 봤다
I had an examination in English [examined a class in English].
I had an english exam.

정답을 몰라서 답을 찍어야 했다.
I had to guess answers because I didn't know the correct answers.

수학문제 푸는 데 많은 어려움이 있었다.
I had difficulty in solving the math questions.

선생님한테 긴 설교를 들었다.
I had a long lecture from my teacher.

선생님은 우리에게 좋은 영향을 주셨다.
The teacher had a good influence on us.

최근에 읽은 책의 독후감을 써야 했다.
I had to write a book report on what I read lately.

숙제를 먼저 하는 게 낫겠다.
I had better do my homework first.

배가 아파서 숙제를 하지 못했다.
I couldn't do my homework because I had a stomachache.

내 폰을 수리했다.
I had the phone repaired.

학교 보충 수업이 많아서 놀 시간이 별로 없었다.
There was no time to play because I had so many supplementary classes in the school.

방학을 알차게 보낸 것 같아 만족스럽다.
I felt satisfied because I thought I had a good vacation.

방학을 정말 재미있게 보냈다.
I had great fun during the vacation.

I had many good experiences through several trips during the vacation.

난 그가 시험에 합격하는 데 어려움이 없을 거라고 확신했다.
I was sure that he would had no difficulty passing the exam.

졸업식 예행 연습을 했다.
I had a rehearsal of my graduation ceremony.

졸업장 그 자체로는 나에게 별 의미가 없었다.
A diploma itself had no meaning for me,

그 대학에 진학하기 위해 많은 것을 준비해야 했다.
I had to prepare many things to apply for the university.

환경에 관한 에세이를 써야 했다.
I had to write an essay on the environment.

2주일 이내로 보고서를 제출해야 했다.
I had to submit the report within two weeks.

제출해야 할 보고서가 많았다.
I had a lot of papers to hand in.

봐야 할 참고 문헌이 너무 많았다.
There wer so many bibliographies that I had to read.

그 보고서를 쓰기 위해 10개 이상의 참고 자료를 읽어야 했다.
I had to read more than 10 articles before writing the paper.

좋은 점수를 받으려면 제 때에 보고서를 제출해야 했다.
I had to give in the paper on time to get a good grade.

그가 너무 많이 변해서 알아 볼 수가 없었다.
He had changed so much that I couldn't recognize him.

그와 몇 시간이나 즐거운 이야기를 나누었다.
I had a happy talk with him for several hours.

그와 그것에 대해 이야기를 해야 했다.
I had to talk about it with him.

왜 그렇게 말을 했는 지 이해할 수가 없었다.
I couldn't understand why he had said like that.

나는 그와 싸웠다.
I had a fight with him.
I fought with him.
I got in a fight with him.

친구간의 다툼이 있었다.
I had a quarrel with my friends.

007 데이트를 했다.
I had a blind date.

그녀와 즐거운 데이트를 했다.
I had a happy date with her.

그녀의 마음이 변한 것 같다.
I think she had a change of heart.

다른 사람을 찾는 게 낫겠다.
I had better find somebody else.

이번 연휴는 4일이었다.
We had four day holidays for New Year's Day this year.

엑스레이를 찍었다.
I had my X-ray taken.

심장에는 문제가 없다고 하셨다.
The doctor told me that my heart had no problem.

정밀 검사를 받아야 했다.
I had to take further tests.

열이 났다.
I developed fever.
I felt feverish.
I had a fever.
I had a temperature.

열이 조금 났다.
I had a little fever.

열이 많이 났다.
I had a high temperature.

식은 땀이 났다.
I had a cold sweat.

머리가 아팠다.
I had a headache.

머리가 조금 아팠다.
I had a slight headache.

두통이 심했다.
I had a terrible headache.

머리가 두들기듯 아팠다.
I had a pounding headache.

일 주일 동안 병가를 냈다.
I had a sick leave for a week.

가능한 한 빨리 치료를 받아야 했다.
I had to be treated as soon as possible.

응급 치료를 받아야 했다.
I had to receive first aid.

나는 항생 치료를 계속해야 했다.
I had to continue with antibiotics.

다리에 침을 맞았다.
I had acupuncture done on my leg.

감기 기운이 있었다.
I had a slight cold.

감기에 걸렸다.
I had a cold.

코 감기에 걸렸다.
I had a cold in the head.
I've got the sniffles.

코가 막혔다.
I had a stuffy[blocked] nose.
My nose was stuffed-up.

숨 쉬기가 매우 어려웠다.
I had a lot of trouble breathing.

목이 아팠다.
I had a sore throat.
My throat hurt.

뭘 삼키기가 어려웠다.
I had difficulty in swallowing something.

편도선 제거 수술을 받았다.
I had my tonsils taken out in an operation.

기침이 났다.
I had a cough.

3일 동안 기침을 했다.
I have had a cough for three days.

약간 두통이 있었다.
I had a slight headache.

독감에 걸렸다.
I had the flu.
I was attacked by influenza.

안색이 좋지 않았다.
I was pale.
I had a bad complexion.

복통이 있었다.
I had a stomachache.
My stomach ached[hurt].

위 경련이 있었다.
I had severe stomach cramps.

설사를 심하게 했다.
I had a terrible diarrhea.

뱃 속이 좋지 않았다.
I had an upset stomach.
Something was wrong with my stomach.
I felt uncomfortable in my stomach.

피부가 텄다.
I had a chapped skin.
My skin was[got] chapped.

피부 병에 걸렸다.
I had a skin disease.

땀 띠가 났다.
I had prickly heat.
I had a heat rash.

얼굴에 여드름이 났다.
I had acne.
I got pimples.
My face broke out.
I had a pimpled face.

얼굴에 있는 점을 뺐다.
I had a mole on my face removed.

손에 사마귀가 났다.
I had a wart on my hand.

혓 바늘이 났다.
I had a cold sore on my tongue.

무릎에 찰과상을 입었다.
I had a scratch on my elbow.

다리가 뻐근했다.
I had stiff legs.
I felt stiff in my legs.

근육이 쑤셨다.
I had sore muscles.

근육통이 있었다.
My muscles ached.
My muscles felt sore.
I had muscular pains.

무릎 관절이 아팠다.
I had pain in the joints of my knee.

온 몸이 쑤시고 아팠다.
I had aches and pains all over.

목에 생선 가시가 걸렸다.
I had a fishbone stuck in my throat.

통증이 심했다.
I had a severe [terrible] pain.

다리에 침을 맞았다.
I had acupuncture done on my leg.

의사 선생님이 내 다리가 복합 골절되었다고하셨다.
The doctor said I had a compound fracture in my leg.

수술을 받아야 했다.
I had to have surgery.

치석을 제거해야 했다.
I had to remove plaque on my teeth.

어금니 하나에 충치가 있었다.
I had a cavity in one of my molars.

치통이 있었다.
I had a toothache.

치통이 심했다.
I had a terrible toothache.

오른 쪽 눈에 다래끼가 났다.
I had a sty in my right eye.

5시에 진료 예약이 있었다.
I had a 5 o'clock appointment to see the doctor.

의사 선생님께서 나의 병력을 물어 보았다.
The doctor asked me whether I had my medical history.

아프다고 생각되면, 빨리 병원에 가는 것이 좋다.
When I feel sick, I had better go to a doctor at once.

그 약은 나에게 효과를 나타냈다.
The medicine had an immediate effect on me.

오늘은 준결승이 있었다.
Today we had a semi-final.

그 책이 나에게 가장 많은 영향을 끼쳤다.
The book had the most influence on me.

엄마는 내가 어릴 때부터 음악에 재능이 있었다고 하신다.
Mom says that I've had a talent for music since childhood.

그가 그린 그림을 나에게 주었다.
He gave me a picture which he had drawn .

그 그림을 액자에 넣었다.
I had the picture framed.

가도 된다는 부모님의 허락을 받아야만 했다.
I had to get my parent's permission to go.

정말 신나게 놀았다.
We had a whale of a time.

파티에서 즐거운 시간을 보냈다.
I had a good time at the party.
I really enjoyed the party.

하루 종일 아무 것도 못 먹었다.
I haven't had a bite to eat all day.

식욕이 거의 없었다.
I had little appetite.
I lost my appetite.

간식으로 도넛을 몇 개 먹었다.
I had a few doughnuts for a snack.

냉장고에 있는 남은 음식을 먹어야 했다.
I had to eat some leftover in the refrigerator.

배불리 먹었다.
I'm full.
I had my fill.

많이 먹었다.
I had enough.

나는 오늘 공연 티켓이 두장 있었다.
I had two tickets for tonight's performance.

너무 일찍 도착해서 한 시간을 기다려야 했다.
I arrived so early that I had to wait for an hour.

나는 최근에 너무 바빠 영화 보러 갈 시간이 없었다.
I've been so busy lately that I had no time to go to the movies.

바지 단을 좀 늘여 달라고 했다.
I had the pants longer.

그것에 어울릴만 한 신발이 없었다.
I had no shoes that match them.

생활용품도 몇 가지 사야 했다.
I had to purchase a few household supplies.

내가 산 것을 배달해 달라고 부탁했다.
I asked for the delivery of what I had bought.

장기 자랑을 하였다.
We had a talent show.

시간이 없어 택시를 타야 했다.
I didn't have enough time, so I had to catch a taxi.

기차 시간에 맞추어야 했다.
I had a train to catch.

택시를 불러야 했다.
I had to call a taxi.

지하철안에서 지갑을 도난당했다.
I had my wallet stolen in the subway.

지갑을 소매치기 당했다.
I had my pocket picked.

버스에 사람이 너무 많아 버스 타기가 무척 힘들었다.
The bus was overcrowded, so I had a difficulty in getting on the bus.

내가 버스를 잘못 탄 것이다.
I had taken the wrong bus.

버스가 펑크가 났다
The bus had a flat tire.

I had to go there on time by all means.

우리 가족은 어제 공원에서 고기를 구워 먹었다.
My family had a cookout in the park yesterday.

그 식당에는 빈 자리가 없었다.
The restaurant had no available seat.

나는 바빠서 예약을 취소해야만 했다.
I've been busy, so I had to cancel the reservation.

우리가 가 본 식당 중 가장 좋은 식당이었다.
That was the best restaurant we had ever been in.

햄버거와 프렌치 후라이를 먹었다.
I had french fries with a hamburgers.

너무 많이 먹었다.
I've had too much.
I've had enough.

후식 먹을 자리는 남겨 두었다.
I had room for dessert.

후식으로 아이스크림을 먹었다.
I had ice cream for dessert.

궂은 날씨 때문에 소풍을 포기해야 했다.
We had to abandon a picnic because of bad weather.

견학을 다녀 왔다.
We had a field trip.

매우 즐거웠다.
We had a great time.

여행 중에 날씨가 매우 좋았다.
We had wonderful weather on our tour.

나는 비행기를 타기 위해 서둘러야 했다.
I had to hurry to catch a plane.

신고할 것이 없었다.
I had nothing to declare.

기분이 우울했다.
I had the blues.

오늘 슬픈 일이 있었다.
I had a sad event today.

그 괴로움을 견뎌내야 했다.
I had to bite the bullet.

너는 만화책을 읽지 않는 것이 좋겠다.
You had better not read comic books.

그 문제에 애로점이 있었다.
I had some trouble with the matter.

그가 나에게 화를 내는 것도 당연한 일이었다.
He had good reason to get anry with me.
He might well get angry with me.
It was natural that he should get angry with me.

그가 농담하는 것이길 바랬다.
I wished he had been joking.

Our bus had a flat tire.
우리 버스가 펑크났다.

아기 출생을 기뻐합니다.
I'm glad you had a baby.

헤엄치는 사람도 있었고, 춤추는 사람도 있었다.
Some had a swim and some had a dance.

5월 5일 일요일, 맑음. 어린이날. 다섯 시에 일어남. 오전중은 영어.수학공부. 도우넛을 먹음. 오후 영화 관람. 열 시에 잠.
May 5. Sun. Fine. Children's Day. Up at 5. Did English and Math. in the morning. Had doughnuts. Saw movies int the afternoon. Bed at 10.

올 여름은 비가 많이 왔다.
We have had much rain this summer.

역에 와 보니 내가 타려고 했던 열차는 벌써 떠난 뒤였다.
When I arrived at the station, I found the train I wanted to take had already started.

집에 돌아올 때까지 지갑을 채인 것을 깨닫지 못했다.
I did not find my purse had been stolen till I returned home.

그가 목적지인 마을에 이르기 전에 날이 아주 어두워지고 말았다.
It had grown quite dark before he could get to the village he was bound for.

눈을 떴을 때는 해가 벌써 떠 있었다.
When I awoke, the sun had already risen.

그는 나에게 저녁 식사를 이미 마쳤느냐고 물었다.
He asked me if I had finished my supper yet.

전에 만난 일이 없으므로 그를 알지 못했다.
I did not know him, because I had never met him before.

마침 답안을 다 쓰고 났을 때 종이 울렸다.
I had just written my answers, when the bell rang.

그가 발병한 지 일주일 만에 의사를 불렀다.
He had been ill for a week, when a doctor was sent for.

아무도 A씨 부부보다 먼저 오지 않았다.
Nobody had arrived before Mr. and Mrs. A.

그 이튿날 그 집에 가 보았지만 벌써 사람이 들어 있었다.
When I went to the house the following day, I found that somebody had already moved in.

그는 성인이 되자 곧 죽었다.
He had scarcely reached manhood when he died.

그는 도망치자 곧 또 붙들리고 말았다.
He had hardly escaped before he was recaptured.

그는 미국에 도착하자 곧 병에 걸렸다.
No sooner had he arrived in America than he fell ill.

형은 도미하기 전에 2년 동안 미국인에게 영어를 배우고 있었다.
My brother had been studying English under an American for two years before he went over to the United States.

좀 쉬는 것이 좋을 것입니다. 다섯 시가 되면 세 시간 내리 책을 읽은 셈이 됩니다.
You had better take a short rest, I think. By five o'clock you will have been reading for three hours on end.

창문이 그날 아침부터 열려진 채였다.
The window had been left open since that morning.

소방차가 오기도 전에 불은 꺼져 있었다.
The fire had already been put out before the fire engine reached the scene.

돈이 넉넉히 있으면 나는 자동차를 사겠지만.
If I had money enough, I would buy a car.

틈만 있으면 그는 올 텐데.
If only he had leisure, he might come.

약속을 어겨 미안합니다. 병이 아니었으면 갔었을 텐데.
I am sorry I have broken my word, If I had not been ill, I should have gone.

클레오파트라의 코가 좀 낮았더라면 세계 역사는 달라졌을 것이다.
If Cleopatra's nose had been a little lower, the history of the world might have been different.

차를 그렇게 무모하게 몰지 안았으면 전주에 부딪치는 일이 없었을 것이다.
If the car had not been driven so recklessly on, it would not have dashed against the electric pole.

콜룸부스가 아메리카를 발견하지 안았더라도 그 누군가 다른 사람이 발견했을 것이다.
Even if Columbus had not discovered America, some one else would have discovered it.

그때 단념했었으면 이런 눈부신 결과를 얻을 수 있었을지 몰라.
I wonder if I could have achieved such a splendid result, had I given it up at that time.

그와 같은 영리한 아이가 없었으면 그녀는 더욱 비참했을지도 모른다.
If it had not been for such a clever child, she might have been more miserable.

그때 당신의 도움이 없었으면 지금 이렇게 내가 행복하지는 못할 것입니다.
If it had not been for your help then, I should not be so happy now.,

지금 내게 100만 원이 있었으면!
If I had a million won with me now!

숙제를 벌써 해치웠더라면.
I wish I had done my home-task already.

부자로 태어났더라면 하고 생각한 일이 있습니까?
Have you ever wished you had been born rich?

그는 오랫동안 병이라도 앓았던 것처럼 보인다.
He looks as if he had long been ill.

그는 마치 그때 한 병사였던 것처럼 이야기했다.
He talked as if he had been a soldier then.

시골 읍에서는 이런 물건은 구할 수가 없다.
Such a thing is not to be had in a country town.

그는 친절하게도 그의 정적(政敵)을 위문했다.
He had the kindness to inquire after his political opponent.

그는 뻔뻔스럽게도 면식도 없는 사람에게 취직 부탁의 편지를 썼다.
He had the boldness to send a letter to a man who was quite a stranger asking for employment.

당신은 적당한 운동을 하는 것이 좋겠습니다.
You had better take moderate exercise.

나는 역시 의사에게 가 보는 것이 좋을까요?
Had I better consult the doctor after all?

당신이 그것을 손수 했더라면 좋았을 것을.
You had better have done it yourself.

그런 계획에 동의하느니 죽는 게 낫다.
I had sooner die than consent to such a plan.

엘리베이터가 없어서 나는 층계를 오르지 않으면 안되었다.
There being no elevator, I had to climb the stairs.

나는 어제 시계를 고치게 했다.
I had my watch mended yesterday.

그는 어젯밤 열차 안에서 주머니 것을 소매치기당했다.
He had his pocket picked in the train last night.

나는 부탁했으면 이 책을 받았을지도 모릅니다.
I might have had this book for the asking.

Jack would be a gentleman if he had money.
돈만 있으면 개도 멍첨지라.

If the nose of Cleopatra had been shorter,
the whole face of the earth would have been changed.
만약 클레오파트라의 코가 조금만 낮았더라면
세계의 역사는 달라졌으리라.
-Blaise Pascal:Pensees

avail oneself of (=take advantage of, use) : 이용하다
You had better avail yourself of this opportunity.
(너는 이 기회를 이용 하는 것이 좋다.)

break in (=enter by force) : 침입하다
Thieves had broken in during the night. (도둑들이 밤중에 침입하였다.)

do well to (=had better) : ∼하는 게 좋다
You would do well to say nothing about it.
(너는 그것에 대해 아무말도 않는 게 나을 거야.)

have one's own way (=get or do what one wants) : 마음대로 하다
She had her own way in everything.
(그녀는 모든 것에 자기 마음대로 한다.)

have the best of it (=win) : 이기다
Although Carl put up a good fight, his opponent had the best of it.
(카알이 비록 선전했지만, 상대가 이겼다.)

in person : 본인 자신이, 몸소
You had better go and speak to him in person.
(네가 그에게 몸소 가서 말하는 것이 나을 거야.)

make allowances for (=take into consideration) : ∼을 참작하다
You had better make allowances for his youth and experience.
(너는 그의 젊음과 경험 미숙을 고려해야 한다.)

make the best of (=use well) : ∼을 잘 이용하다
We had better make the best of our situation.
(우리는 우리의 상황을 잘 이용해야 한다.)

make up for (=compensate for, atone for) : 보충하다, 보상하다
I had to work hard to make up for lost time.
(나는 낭비한 시간을 보충하기 위해 열심히 공부해야 한다.)

more often than not (=as often as not, very frequently) : 흔히, 대개
More often than not, he had to go there in person.
(빈번히 그는 스스로 거기에 가야만 했다.)

우리 어젯밤 춤추고 재미있었다.
너도 왔으면 좋았을걸.
We had a ball last night.
You should have been there.

어렸을때 네가 너무 못생겨서 너의 어머니가
개하고나 놀라고 네 목에다 뼈다귀하나 달
아놓곤 했다던데.
You're so ugly that when you're a kid,
your mom had to tie a T-bone around
your neck to get the dog to play with you.
해설 못생긴 사람은 개에 비유함.

어젯밤 마누라가 아들을 낳았어.
My wife had a baby boy last night.
이런, 너 드디어 저질렀구나.
Oh! no, you've really done it.

그는 그녀에게 호감이 있다.
He had a crush on her.

The Korea Trading Corporation, with whom we have had
considerable transactions for the past 10 years, would
provide you with any information relative to our business
지난 10년동안 폐사와 상당한 거래를 맺어온 한국무역은 폐사의
실정에 관해 어떠한 정보라도 제공할 수 있을 것입니다.

...which you indicated had not been received.
귀사에서는 받지 않았다고 하신...

The your letter contained some passage which need to be
explained in more detail.
The letter had some areas which we could not follow.
귀사의 서신내용중 몇군데는 좀 더 자세한 설명이 필요합니다.
편지내용중 몇군데는 이해할 수 없는 부분이 있었습니다.

I hope the minor delay in remittance caused by a business
trip I had to take in the interim will not alter the
그동안 출장으로 인해 송금이 조금 늦어졌지만 상황이 달라지지
않기를 바랍니다.

As we have always received your payment punctually, we are
puzzled to have had neither remittance nor report in connection
with our current statement No.158 of November 30.
귀사는 항상 기한내에 지불을 이행해 왔으므로 당사의 최근 11월
30일의 청구서 158호에 대하여 송금도 연락도 받지 않아
당황하고 있습니다.

According to our accounting department records,BLC has
had an outstanding balance of $6,000 with us since April,
폐사 경리부의 기록에 의하면 BLC는 1993년 4월이후로 6,000
달라의 차액이 미지불되어 있습니다.

However, as you agreed,the recent political change discussed
in our previous correspondence has totally changed the
prospects on which our original plans had been based.
그러나 귀하도 동의하신 대로 지난 번 편지에서 논의되었던
최근의 정치변동으로 인해 당초 계획의 기반이었던 전망이
완전히 바뀌어버렸습니다.

This had not been reported to us due to an oversight
on the part of the bank.
이것은 은행측의 착오로 당사에 보고되지 않은 것입니다.

Our records indicated that the $1,000 had, in fact, not been
paid due to an oversight on our part.
그 결과 저희측의 실수로 인해 아직 1,000달러가 지불되지 않았
음이 판명되었습니다.

We still remember the bitter experience we had with the
company in regard to their settlement of account.
계정의 결제에 관하여 그 회사때문에 겪은 곤란한 일을 폐사는
아직도 생생하게 기억하고 있습니다.

We had to have the goods warehoused for our account,
insuring against usual risks, pending your further instructions.
귀사에서 별도의 지시가 있을 때까지 보통조건의 보험을 붙여
폐사의 계정으로 창고에 보관하도록 했습니다.

Upon unpacking the consignment, we find that the quality of
it you sent us is much inferior to that of the sample on
which we had placed.
운송품을 개봉해보니 귀사가 당사에 보낸 품질이 귀사에 주문
했을 때의 견본보다 매우 뒤떨어져있고 색깔도 틀린다는 것을

We believe that many years of experience which we have had
in this business and the means at our proposal are sufficient
for us to undertake any commands from you.
폐사가 이 거래에서 얻은 다년간의 경험과 가용자본력은 귀사의
어떤 수요에도 응할 수 있다고 믿고있습니다.

---했으면 좋겠는데(항상 가정법 과거를 씀).
If only(or I wish)I had a million dollars.
If only(or I wish)I had my draft notice(징집영장), I could prove who I am
If only(or I wish)someone could help.
If only(or I wish)I were rich like you.
If only(or I wish)I were handsome like you.

He had it coming to him.

나는 첫눈에 그 여자에게 반했다.
I had a crush on her at first sight.

나는 배가 잔뜩 부르다.
I'm stuffed.
I'm full.
I had my fill.

너라면 이제 진절머리가 난다.
I'm sick and tired of you.
I'm fed up with you.
I'm up to here with you.
I've had it with you.

나도 같은 경험을 했다.
I had the same experience.
I've been there.

입이 열개라도 할말이 없다.
Even if I had a silver tongue, I would have nothing to say.

I had a blind date today.
나는 오늘 미팅했어요.

We had to learn it by heart.
우리는 그것을 암기하지 않으면 안 되었어요.

I wish I had your will power.
당신 같은 강한 의지력 좀 있었으면 해요.

I had it specially made to order.
그것을 특별히 마추었습니다.

즐거운 방학을 보내신거 같군요.
You seem to have had a nice vacation.

전 아주 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다.
I had the time of my life.

너무 큰기대를 하고 갔더니 실망이더군요.
I had high hopes but it was let down.

감사합니다만 제가 원하던게 아닌데요.
Thank you but it wasn't what I had in mind.

난 억지루 그걸 했어.
I had fored myself to do that.

제가 생각했더거 이상인데요.
That's more than I had in mind.

식사를 맛있게 하셨기를 바랍니다.
I hope you had a pleasant meal.

아직 운이 없나 봅니다.
I haven't had any luck so far.

이 소음에 정말 더이상은 못참겠어요.
I'v had it with this noise.

여자친구도 있었고 데이트도 했지만 그게 진정한 사랑인지는 모르겠어요.
I had girlfriends, dated, but I don't know if true love.

이렇게 재미있어본지 오랬만이에요.
I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

I had a blind date today.
나는 오늘 미팅했어요.(대학생들이 하는 미팅; a blind date)

We had to learn it by heart.
우리는 그것을 암기하지 않으면 안 되었어요.

We had very heated arguments over the issue.
우리는 그 문제에 대해서 한바탕 입씨름을 벌였어요.

We had a man-to-man talk.
우린 남자 대 남자로 이야길 했읍니다.

He attended the meeting as if nothing had happened.
그 사람은 아무 일 없었던듯이 모임에 나갔다.

I had a run of good luck.
저에게는 계속 재수가 좋았어요.

"As soon as she saw the scene, she had a freaking fit."
그 여자는 그 장면을 보고는 기절했어요.

"If I had known that, I could have helped you."
그런 줄 알았더라면 도와 드리는 건데.

I wish I had a girl friend like you.
나도 당신처럼 애인 좀 있었으면 좋겠어요.

I sorter had the feeling.
다소 그런 느낌이 들었어요.

What a day! I haven't even had a chance to sit since morning.
지독한 날이군! 아침부터 앉아 볼 짬이 없었다니까.

We had lots of fun there.
우리는 그 곳에서 정말 재미있었어요.

I had a wonderful time in London.
런던에서 굉장히 즐거웠어요.

No thank you. I've had enough.
괜찮습니다. 많이 먹었읍니다.

I haven't had shrimp for ages.
새우 먹어 본 지가 오래 되었읍니다.

I guess I've had enough.
충분히 먹은 것 같아요.

I had it with a good appetite.
그거 참 맛있게 먹었읍니다.

I had a nightmare.
악몽을 꾸었읍니다.

I had a wonderful time being with you.
당신 덕분에 오늘 정말 재미있게 보냈읍니다.

I had a very nice time and I thank you very much.
덕분에 즐거운 시간 보내게 되어 정말 감사합니다.

I've enjoyed every moment we've had together.
같이 보낸 모든 순간순간이 정말 재미있었읍니다.

"As of yesterday I had $5,000 in my checking account."
어제 현재로 제 당좌에 5천 불이 예금되어 있었어요.

I really had a pleasant evening.
오늘 저녁 정말 즐거웠읍니다.

I had lots of fun tonight.
오늘밤은 정말 재미있었읍니다.

We had to laugh at the absurdity of the situation. 우린 그 상황의 부조리로 비웃을 수밖에 없었다.

Falling prices had an adverse effect on business. 하락하는 물가가 사업에 좋지 않은 영향을 미쳤다.

Cancer had affected his lungs. 암이 그의 폐를 침범했다.

I had rarely seen him so animated. 난 그가 그처럼 생기 있는 모습을 거의 본 적이 없다.

It annoyed me to think how much time we had wasted. 우리가 얼마나 많은 시간을 낭비했나 생각하니 짜증이 났다.

He had to appear before the committee to explain his behavior. 그는 자신의 행동을 설명하기 위해서 위원회에 출두해야 했다.

I had ceased to worry about my appearance. 나는 내 외모에 대해 걱정하는 걸 그만두었다.

They had an argument with the referee about his decision. 그들은 심판의 결정을 두고 그와 언쟁을 벌였다.

He had his book printed at his own expense. 그는 자비를 들여 책을 인쇄했다.

They had a good laugh at Sam's expense. 그들은 Sam을 속이고 한바탕 실컷 웃었다.

We awakened to find the others had gone. 우리가 잠에서 깨어 보니 다른 사람들은 가고 없었다.

He had very little capital when he started. 시작할 때 그는 자본을 아주 조금 갖고 있었다.

News was circulating that the ship had been sunk. 그 배가 침몰했다는 소식이 퍼지고 있었다.

We had a very bad connection and I could not hear what he said. 우리의 연결 상태가 아주 나빠서 나는 그가 하는 말을 들을 수가 없었다.

They had a lengthy correspondence before they reached an agreement. 그들은 합의에 이르기 전에 오랫동안 서신을 주고받았다.

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