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ESP extrasensory perception, (심)초감각적감지, 영감

pelt : a skin esp of a fur-bearing animal 가죽

Although research has been ongoing since 1930, the existence of
ESP ― perception and communication without the use of sight,
hearing, taste, touch, or smell ― is still disputed.
1930 년 이래로 연구가 진행되어가고 있지만, ESP - 시각, 청각, 맛, 접촉, 또는
냄새감각이 없이 지각하거나 의사 소통하는 것 - 의 존재는 아직 논란이 되고 있다.

brat: a child, esp. a badly behaved one: 개구쟁이, 선머슴

handyman: a person who does repairs esp. in the house: 잡역부

돈 좀 쓰자.
☞ to spend ( a lot of money) on buying esp, luxury goods
Ex) I feel like splurging on (out) a new car.

월스트리트로 간다. 기다리지 마라.
I'm OFF TO Wall street.
☞ off - away from a place or position esp the present place or position

당신은 단정치 못해서 참 안됐군요.
That's too bad you're such a slob.
☞ a slob - a lazy person, esp. one who is untidy and unattractive

그녀는 언제나 외출 준비하는 데 꾸물거려(시간이 걸려).
She always dillydallies when she's getting ready to go out.
* dillydally : to waste time, esp. by being unable to make up one's mind or by stopping
often in the middle of doing of doing something.

그 보험 약관에 있어서, 모든 애매 모호한 것들을 읽고 이해하려 노력했습니까?
Have you tried to read and understand all that mumbo jumbo in the insurance policy?
* mumbo jumbo : mysterious talk or activity, esp.of a religious kind, which seems
meaningless and confusing.

최후의 일격을 가하자.
Let's go in for the kill.
= to take part in
☞ the kill : the act or moment of killing esp, hunted birds or animals.

* page
--의 이름을 부르다 (=to call aloud for (someone), esp. through a loudspeaker)
-- Paging Dr. King, Dr. King from Chicago, please pick up a paging phone.
(시카고에서 오신 킹박사를 찾고 있습니다. 오셔서 호출 전화기를 받으십시오.)
-- She heard herself paged in the hotel lobby.
(그녀는 호텔 로비에서 자신의 이름이 호명되는 것을 들었다.)

* passport
여권 (=a small official book that proves the nationality
of a person, and is used esp. when entering a foreign
A: What's the matter? (무슨 일입니까?)
B: I can't find my ticket or my passport!
(비행기표도 여권도 찾을 수 없어요!)
A: The flight doesn't leave for two hours. Let's call the
hotel to see if you left them on the counter.
(비행기가 2시간 안에는 떠나지 않습니다. 호텔에 전화해서
카운터에 놓고 왔는지 알아봅시다.)

* endorse (수표 뒷면에) 이서하다 (to write, esp. one's
name, on the back of (esp. a check)
Could you endorse this check, please?
(이 수표에 이서해 주시겠어요?)

* mortgage 담보 대출 (an agreement to have money lent,
esp. so as to buy a house, by which the house or land
belongs to the lender until the money is repaid)
I want to apply for a mortgage loan to buy a house.
(주택구입을 위해 담보 대출 융자를 신청하고 싶습니다.)
Business property mortgage rates have increased substantially.
(사업용 부동산 대출금리가 상당히 올랐다.)
cf. mortgage application 담보 대출 신청

* adjustment 조정, (지불 금액의) 정산 (the action of
changing slightly, esp. to set right for a particular job
or new conditions)
We sincerely regret the error in your account and have made
the necessary adjustments.
(귀하의 구좌에 생긴 착오에 대해 진심으로 사과드리며
필요한 조처를 취했습니다.)

* application 신청(서) (the act of making a request, esp.
officially and in writing)
Call us and we'll rush you our free application today!
(전화주시면 오늘 당장 신청서를 보내 드리겠습니다!)

* apply for --를 신청하다 (to request something, esp. in
Q: What's the procedure for applying for a credit card?
(신용카드 신청절차가 어떻게 됩니까?)
A: Just complete these forms and send them to us here at the bank.
(이 용지들만 작성해서 우리 은행에 보내시면 됩니다.)

segregated : a.1.분리된 2.인종 차별을 하는, 인종 차별의=separate a group of
people from the rest of the community, esp because of their race

1. 비꼬는 말처럼 들리는 군요.
That sounds like a BACKHANDED compliment.
☞ backhanded - indirect esp, sarcastic

4. 사람들은 주식시장에서 큰 돈을 번다.
People are MAKE FORTUNES in the stock market.
☞ fortune - a very large of amount of money
dough - a money
ex) He is really RAKING IN THE DOUGH with his new job.
: take in or gain in abundance(esp.money)

미국 영화의 등급
1) G (general audiences) : (a film) considered suitable for
children of any age. : 일반용 영화
2) PG-13 (parental guidance -13) : a film that parents are
strongly warned might not be suitable for children under the
age of 13 - 13세 미만 어린이 주의, 지도 필요 영화
3) PG (parental guidance suggested) : (a film) containing
slightly sexual or violent parts which parents might not are
not consider suitable for young children 준 성인용, 보호자
동반 입장가
ex. Her latest film is classified (or rated) [as] PG.
4) R (restricted) : is used to show that people under 17 years
of age may see a film only if a parent or guardian is with
them : 17세 이하 보호자 동반 입장가 영화
5) NC-17 (No Children Under 17) : (a film) containing clearly
shown sexual acts and/or a great deal of violence which is
not considered suitable for children under the age of 17. :
17세 이하 미성년자 관람불가 영화, 종전의 'X'
ex. Dad wouldn't let us go to the film because it was an NC-17.
6) X : (of a film or show, esp. in the past) not suitable for
people under 16 or 18 years old, esp. because of sexual content.
: 성인전용 영화

'뚱뚱한'에 관한 영어 표현
1. fat : 몸에 살 혹은 지방질이 많은; 가장 일반적이고 직접적인 표현이나
사람에게 말하는 것은 상당히 무례한 표현임. 가끔 돌려서 large란 말을 쓰기도 함.
2. plump : slightly fat in an attractive way
포동포동한, 통통한; 과일등을 이야기할 때도 쓸 수 있음.
She was a plump, pleasant-faced woman. 통통하고 밝은 표정
plump cheeks 포동포동한 볼
firm plump tomatoes 단단하고 살찐 토마토
3. tubby : when describing people who are short and round, in a friendly
4. chubby : when describing children or a particualr part of the body
the baby's chubby cheeks/legs 통통한 볼/다리
5. stout : when describing old people who have a round and heavy appearance
He was a short stout man with a bold head.
6. podgy : esp. for hands and fingers that are fat
7. flabby : when describing flesh that is fat and loose 축 늘어진
8. overweight : the most neutral term
She is about 10 kilos overwieght.
9. obese : used by doctors to describe people who are so fat that they
are not healthy 비만한, 지나치게 살찐

1. a secret plan to accomplish some purpose, esp, evil purpose: There were several plots to steal military secrets.
2. the plan or main story of a literary such as a play, a novel, or a short story: Some plots are designed to achieve tragic effects.
3. a small area of planted ground: a house on a two-acre plot.
4. to mark the position or course of a plane or ship: We are trying to plot the course of submarine.
5. to mark a line or curve showing certain stated facts: to plot the increase in sales this year.
① 나쁜 목적을 달성하기 위한 비밀계획이나 음모 : 군사적인 비밀을 훔치기 위한 몇 가지 음모가 있다.
② 희곡, 소설, 단편소설과 같은 문학작품의 중요 줄거리나 구조 : 일부 이야기들은 비극적 효과를 자아내기 위해서 구성된다.
③ (건물을 짓거나 식물을 기르는) 작은 터(땅) : 2 에이커의 땅에 지어진 집.
④ 위치나 배 또는 비행기의 경로를 표시하다. : 우리는 잠수함의 경로를 표시하려고 애쓰고 있다.
⑤ 특정한 사실들을 나타내는 직선이나 곡선을 그리다. : 금년의 판매 증가를 도표로 나타내다.

[위키] ESP ESP

[百] 이에스피 ESP

[百] ESP electronic stability program

[百Br] 에스피리투산투 [ Espírito Santo ]

I will never forgive myself for being so *self-centered and
thinking the whole world *revolved around my wedding. My
*adorable *nephew was born a few months after my wedding and
is now in college. I'm so proud of him, and of my sister who
faced many challenges as a young single mother.
▲ self-centered: selfish: 자기 중심적인. 이기적인.
▲ revolve around: ~를 중심제목으로 삼다
▲ adorable: lovable esp. in a childlike or naive way: 귀여운
▲ nephew: the son of your brother or sister: 조카.
저는 그렇게 자기 중심적으로 그리고 세상의 모든 일을 내 결혼식
위주로만 생각했던 내 자신을 영원히 용서하지 못할 것입니다.
우리 결혼식이 끝나고 몇 달 후에 사랑스런 조카가 태어나 지금
대학에 다니고 있지요. 그 조카와 일찍 혼자되어 많은 어려움을
겪은 시누이가 저는 자랑스럽습니다.

DEAR FLORIDA: Thank you for *speaking out. Too bad you didn't
sign your name. You'd *be inundated with *offers from women
who are eager to *hot-foot it in your direction.
▲ speak out: 꺼리낌없이 이야기하다.
▲ be inundated with: to flood over in large amounts esp. so
as to cover: 쇄도하다.
▲ hot-foot: to walk or run quickly: 급히 서둘러가다.
기탄 없이 말씀해주셔서 감사합니다. 그런데 이름을 밝히지
않으셔서 유감이군요. 당신이 원하는 방향으로 동참하기를 원하는
여성으로부터 청혼이 쇄도할텐데 말입니다.

flaw noun [C]
a fault, mistake or weakness, esp. one that happens while something is being planned or made or which causes something not to be perfect

reprieve verb, noun (형의)집행유예, 일시적으로 면해주다
(to make) an official order stopping or delaying the punishment, esp. by death, of a prisoner
He was sentenced to death but was granted a last-minute reprieve. [C]
FIGURATIVE The injection provided only a temporary reprieve from (=delay before) the pain. [C]
FIGURATIVE The government has reprieved the hospitals threatened with closure, and they will now stay open until next year. [T]

disbar verb [T]
to make someone unable to continue working as a lawyer, esp. because they have done something wrong
An eminent judge has been disbarred for accepting bribes.

buzz word 유행하는 기술적인 용어
기술적인 분야에서 유래된 단어나 표현이 TV나 신문에서 많이
쓰임으로 인해서 일반에 유행하게 된 것
a word or expression that originally had a technical use
but has become fashionable by being used a lot, esp. on
television and in the newspapers.
'Meltdown' is a buzz word which is still quite common.
'Meltdown'은 일상적인 용어가 된 유행어이다.
* meltdown : 몰락, 폭락(녹아내린다는 뜻에서 유래)

snuggle = to move yourself into a warm and comfortable position,
esp. one in which your body is against another person or covered by something
따뜻하고 안락한 데로 몸을 움직이다(달라붙다)
The children snuggled up to their mother to get warm.
그 아이들은 추위를 피하기 위해 어머니에게 달라붙었다.
I was just snuggling down into my warm duvet when the telephone rang.
따뜻한 이불에 몸을 파묻고 있을 때 전화가 울렸다.

at odds: (어떤 일로) 다투어 (over); (와) 사이가 나빠 (with)
- in disagreement
* The firm’s two senior partners are at odds, which doesn’t help matters.
exile: 국외추방; 망명 (하다)
- to send or keep someone away from his own country, village, etc., esp. for political reasons
* The Dalai Lama went into exile in 1959 because of the political situation in Tibet.

get round to = come around to-- --하느라고 시간을 내다
to find time for something or doing something. esp. after delay
I should be able to get round to that job next week.
다음 주에는 그 일을 처리할 시간을 낼 수 있을 것이다.
The committee will get round to your suggestion after they've dealt with urgent business.
위원회는 긴급한 일을 처리한 뒤에 당신의 제안을 검토할 시간을 낼 수 있을 것이다.
After a long delay he got round to writing the letter.
오랫동안 지연된 후에, 그는 편지를 쓸 시간을 낼 수 있었다.
She would have liked to listen to the radio, but it had been stolen from her car when it was parked outside her office in London about two weeks ago, and she had not got around to replacing it yet.
라디오를 들을 수 있었다면 그녀는 좋았을 것이다, 그러나 약 2주전에 런던에 있는 사무실 밖에 차를 주차하고 있다고 라디오를 도둑맞았고, 그렇지만 그녀는 아직 라디오를 다시 바꿀 시간을 내지 못하고 있었다.

plural of Mr title used before a man's name, esp. used before the names of two or more people in the title of a company
Messrs Wood and Laurence, solicitors
( Cambridge International Dictionary of English )

plural of Mr title used before a man's name, esp. used before the names of two or more people in the title of a company
Messrs Wood and Laurence, solicitors
( Cambridge International Dictionary of English )

syntactic sugar
Features added to a language or other formalism to make it `sweeter' for humans,
features which do not affect the expressiveness of the formalism (compare chrome).
Used esp. when there is an obvious and trivial translation of the `sugar' feature
into other constructs already present in the notation.
C's a[i] notation is syntactic sugar for *(a + i)
언어나 다른 형식주의에 첨가되어 인간에게 더욱 달콤하게 다가갈 수 있게 하는 특징적 기능.
하지만 형식주의의 표현성 자체에는 영향을 주지 않는다.
특히 '사탕' 기능을 표기상에 이미 제공되는 구성요소로 번역하는 일이 명백하고
하찮은 것일 때 쓰이는 용어. C언어에서의 배열 표기법 a[i]는 포인터 표기 *(a + i)의
문법적 사탕이다.

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