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edge out

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Everyone, however, is on edge,
그러나 모두가 불안해한다
for Hickey has spent the day going to one to the other exhorting
and encouraging them to go out and test themselves.
히키가 온종일 이 사람 저 사람에게 가서 세상에 나아가
자신들을 테스트해보라고 훈계하고 권고했기 때문이다.

패배: bite the dust, get the worst of , give it to, lose out, meet one's
Waterloo, on the ropes, say uncle, cry uncle, take it on the chin, edge out

화난:blow one's fuse, blow ne's gasket, blow one's top, blow one's stack,
blue in the face, boiling point, bull in the china shop, burn up, down on,
draw blood, fit to be tied, flip one's lid, flip one's wig fly at one's
throat, fly off the handle, foam at the mouth, for crying out loud, get
one's back on, get one's dander up, get one's Irish up, get one's goat, hit
the ceiling, hit the roof, hot under the collar, jaws tight, jump down one's
throat, lose one's temper, mad as a hornet, mad as hops, mad as a wet hen,
make one's blood boil, make the blood boil, onb the warpath, one's hornet's
nest, tell - where to get off, tell - where to head in see red, set one's
teeth on edge, skin alive, slow burn, stir up, turn in one's grave, turn
over one's grave, up in the air, worked up, wrought up

The population problem set in, and was dealt with in two different ways:
인구 문제가 시작되었고, 두 가지 다른 방식으로 다루어졌다.
those who lived in the middle of the forest learned to throw coconuts with such accuracy as to disable adversaries, whose consequent death relieved the pressure of population,
숲의 한 가운데에서 살았던 원숭이들은 적들을 무력하게 만들 정도로 정확하게 야자 열매를 던지는 법을 알았다.
결과적으로 적들이 죽음으로써 인구의 압력이 경감되었다.
but those who lived on the edge of the forest found another method:
그러나 숲의 가장자리에 살고 있던 원숭이들은 다른 방법을 발견했다.
they looked out the fields and discovered that they yielded delicious fruits of various kinds quite as pleasant as coconuts,
그들은 들판을 찾아내고, 야자 열매만큼이나 기분 좋은 여러 종류의 맛있는 과일들이 그 들판에서 생산된다는 것을 알았다.
and gradually they came down from the trees and spent more and more time in the open on the ground …
그리고 점차 나무에서 내려와 땅 위의 공간에서 점점 더 많은 시간을 보냈다.
they soon discovered that if you live on the ground it is easy to pick up stones, which are more effective missiles than coconuts.
그들은 땅 위에서 살게 되면 돌을 집어드는 것이 쉽고, 그것이 야자 열매보다 더욱 효과적인 미사일이라는 것을 곧 알게 되었다.

Bangler was shooting stick. I'll give you that.
뱅글러는 당구를 쳤어 그건 인정할게
Burpin' bourbons, I'll give you that, too.
버번 위스키를 마셔댔다는 것도 인정할게
But, he left solo.
하지만 차를 탄 건 뱅글러 혼자였어
A few miles down the road, Bentley thief flags him down.
그 길을 따라 몇 마일 가다가 벤틀리 도둑은 뱅글러의 차를 세웠어
Spooks him into a skid. Boom Crashes.
뱅글러가 놀라서 핸들을 꺾는 바람에 꽝하고 부딪친 거야
He's robbed, forced into the back, pushed over the edge.
도둑은 그의 물건을 뺏고 뒷좌석에 앉게 한 다음 절벽에서 차를 밀었어
With Bangler out of the way,
뱅글러는 절벽 아래로 떨어졌고
thief gets in his stolen Bentley. High tails it out of there.
도둑은 훔친 벤틀리에 올라타곤 재빨리 거길 빠져나간 거야
No watch, no rings, no cash.
시계도 없고 반지도 없고 현금도 없어
Stolen Bentley tire treads.
도난당한 벤틀리의 타이어 자국에다
Converse All-Stars, size eleven.
11사이즈의 컨버스 올스타 발자국
All bases covered.
모든 원칙을 다 충족시켰지
Victim, suspect, crime scene.
피해자, 용의자, 사건 현장
like a canary,
보기 좋게 (canary : (속어) 노래 잘하는 여자가수)
it sings.
딱 들어맞잖아

...$223 billion, putting an edge on the current fight
2,230억달러. 지금 올해 지출을 얼마나 삭감할지
on Capitol Hill about how deeply to cut this year's spending,
의회에서 심각하게 대립하고 싸우고 있습니다
along with projections
that it would bring the debt ceiling-- excuse me--
채무한도는, 죄송합니다
the deficit to 1.6 trillion,
적자는 1조 6천억달라입니다
ensuring that the debt ceiling will be hit during this fiscal year.
올해 회기년도가 끝나기 전에 채무한도를 채울 것으로 예상됩니다
That's News Night. Thanks for washing us--
지금까지 뉴스 나이트였습니다 시청해주셔서 감삽니다
Watching us. Let me get out of here.
감사합니다 어서 끝을 내야겠군요

The whole world is sitting on the edge of their seat.
세상사람들이 그것때문에 불안해 하고 있는데
How is this not the first question we'll ask?
왜 이걸 처음 물어보면 안되냐구?
First of all, can you stop pointing at me and saying she and her?
우선 손가락으로 날 지목하는건 그만하구
You're the one who wanted to play a woman.
네가 여자 역할을 원했잖아
But tell me why that question is out of line.
왜 그 질문이 안되는지 설명해줘
Because it's not the best way to demonstrate seriousness of intent
의도가 진중하다는 걸 보여주기 어렵고
and it's not the best way not to insult people.
사람을 모욕하는 것 같잖아
- Which people? - Christians. 83% of the country.
- 누구를? - 기독교, 인구의 83%야
I'm one of them. And she's insulting me.
나도 기독교야, 저 여자가 날 모욕한다구

placenta : an organ characteristic of true mammals during pregnancy, joining mother and
offspring, providing endocrine secretion and selective exchange of soluble, but not
particulate, blood-borne substances through an apposition of uterine and trophoblastic
vascularized parts. According to species, the area of vascular apposition may be diffuse,
cotyledonary, zonary or discoid; the nature of apposition may be labyrinthine or villous;
the intimacy of apposition may vary according to what layers are lost of those
originally interposed between maternal and fetal blood (maternal endothelium, uterine
connective tissue, uterine epithelium, chorion, extraembryonic mesoderm, and endothelium
of villous capillary). The chorion may be joined by and receive blood vessels from either
the yolk sac or the allantois, and the uterine lining may be largely shed with the
chorion at birth (deciduate) or may separate from the chorion and remain (nondeciduate).
The human placenta is discoid, villous, haemochorial, chorioallantoic, and deciduate. After
birth, it weighs about 600 gm. and is about 16 cm. in diameter and 2 cm. thick,
discounting a principal functional part, the maternal blood in the intervillous space
(which leaks out at birth) into which the chorionic villi dip. The villi are grouped into
adjoining cotyledons making about 20 velvety bumps on the side of the placenta facing
outward to the uterus; the inner side of the placenta facing the fetus is smooth, being
covered with amnion, a thin avascular layer that continues past the edges of the
placenta to line the entire hollow sphere of chorion except where it is reflected to cover
the umbilical cord, which joins fetus and placenta. The cord usually joins the placenta
near the centre but may insert at the edge, on the nonplacental chorion, or on an
accessory placenta.

[상황설명] 외출을 하고 돌아온 로퍼와 로니.
Ronnie : Have you been eating my face soap again?
(너 내 세안 비누를 또 먹었구나?)
You have, haven't you?
(로퍼가 총을 들고 서 있는 것을 본 로니)
Scott, what is it?
(스콧, 왜 그래요?)
Roper : Korda escaped.
(코다가 탈옥했어요.)
Ronnie : Korda's escaped?
(코다가 탈옥했다고?)
Roper : This morning.
(오늘 아침에)
Ronnie : You don't think he'd try and...
(당신 그 사람이 뭔가를 저지를 거라고 생각하진 않고...)
Roper : Well, I'm, I'M JUST A LITTLE ON EDGE. We need to relax.
(그래, 그냥 내가 좀 불안한거야. 우린 좀 쉬어야 해.)
I'm sure he's going to try and get out of town.
(그는 분명히 도시를 빠져 나가려 하고 있을거야.)
And we're leaving tomorrow anyway, you know?
(그리고 어찌 됐든 우리는 내일 떠나잖아?)
I'm sorry about that.
(내가 아까 한 일은 미안해.)
I just overreacted, okay? Okay?
(내가 좀 과잉 반응을 했어. 괜찮지? 괜찮지?)
WHY DON'T WE FEED THE DOG before we have Cujo on our hands, huh?
(트로이가 쿠조가 되기 전에 밥을 먹이는 게 어때, 응?)

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