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edema 〔i:d´i:m∂〕 부종, 수종

[위키] 부종 Edema

[百] 악성수종 (惡性水腫) malignant edema

[百] 폐수종 (肺水腫) pulmonary edema

[百] 폐부종 (肺浮腫) pulmonary edema

[百] 기아부종 (飢餓浮腫) hunger edema

[百] 부종 (浮腫) edema

[百] 뇌부종 (腦浮腫) cerebral edema

[百] 퀸케부종 Quincke's edema

[百d] 뇌부종 [ 腦浮腫, brain edema ]

[百d] 부종 [ 浮腫, edema ]

[百d] 폐부종 [ 肺浮腫, pulmonary edema ]

edema 부종,수종

I can't give you exact time of death.
사망 시각은 정확하진 않지만
But I do know cause of death was asphyxiation.
사인이 질식이라는 것은 확실하네
He was smothered.
숨을 막아서 그랬을 거예요
The retinal hemorrhages are the result of intercranial pressure from an edema
부종으로 인한 두개골 내 압박이 망막 출혈을 일어나게 했는데
the edema was caused by an acute lack of oxygen.
급격한 산소 부족이 부종의 원인이었어

Unidentified John Doe, mid-30s pedestrian, hit by a motorist swerving to avoid a bike.
신원 미상의 30대 중반 행인입니다 자전거를 피하려던 오토바이에 부딪혔죠
G.C.S. 3.
GCS는 3이고요
Pupils fixed and dilated.
동공은 열려진 상태로 고정되어있습니다
Atropine given for a pulse in the 40s.
맥박유지를 위해 아트로핀이 투여되었고
B.P. 183 over 112.
Pulse-ox 98%.
혈압은 112에서 183 산소포화도는 98%입니다
Chest showed widened mediastinum and head C.T. revealed cerebral edema.
흉부에서 확대된 종격이 보이고 두부 CT 결과, 대뇌부종이 나타났습니다
He's gotten 70 of mannitol, dexamethasone 10, and a gram of phenytoin.
만니톨 70g이 이미 투입되었고, 덱사메타손 10g, 페니토인 1g이 투여되었습니다
Get him to the O.R.?
수술실로 데려갈까요?
- Is he gorked? - Looks like.
- 의식 불명인가? - 그렇게 보이는데

She has illegal surgery in Mexico.
멕시코에서 불법 수술을 받았잖아요
Unfortunately, there were complications with the bypass.
안타깝지만 우회술 중에 합병증이 생겼습니다
What do you mean?
무슨 뜻이죠?
She has what looks like an abscess under her diaphragm --
횡격막 아래에 고름이나 장 벽을 붓게 하는
an edema, which is a swelling of the bowel wall.
부종이 같은 것이 있습니다
I can't say for certain she'll recover completely.
완벽하게 회복될 거라곤 장담하지 못 합니다
Just... do whatever you have to do to make her well, okay?
완치되기 위해서 할 수 있는 모든 일을 해주세요

Burke and Shepherd marking territory on the playground? No, sir.
- 버크와 쉐퍼드가 땅싸움이라도 해? - 아니요
It's about Joe. The bartender? The Stand Still patient.
조에 대한 건데요, 바텐더 있죠? 심정지 환자요
See, bilateral pleural effusion with evidence of sub-q edema.
피하조직 부종의 우려가 있는 양측성 부종막 삼충액 같아요
In English please?
쉽게 말씀하실래요?

What's your plan?
어떻게 할 거야?
Irrigate and explore the wound, repair the lac.
상처를 세척 후 검사하고 열상을 봉합해야죠
He'll need a c.t. To rule out intracerebral hemorrhage,
대뇌출혈, 좌상 뇌부종을 확인하려면
contusion or cerebral edema.
- C.T를 해야 될 거예요
Go to it. If anybody asks,
- 시작해. 누가 묻거든
I'm off lookin' for the Nazi.
난 나치를 찾는 중이라고 해

[生] Edema (수종, 부종) (水腫, 浮腫)

pulmonary edema : 폐부종

angioneurotic edema (맥관 신경성 부종, 혈관신경성 부종)

eczama (습진) a pruritic papulovesicular dermatitis occurring as a reaction to many
endogenous and exogenous agents, characterized in the acute stage by erythema, edema
associated with a serous exudate between the cells of the epidermis (spongiosis) and an
inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, oozing and vesiculation, and crusting and scaling;
and in the more chronic stages by lichenification or thickening or both, signs of
excoriations, and hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation or both. Atopic dermatitis is
the most common type of dermatitis. Called also eczematous dermatitis.

edema (부종) 세포, 조직강 또는 동공 속에 액체가 비정상적으로 축적되는 것. the presence
of abnormally large amounts of fluid in the intercellular tissue spaces of the body;
usually applied to demonstrable accumulation of excessive fluid in the subcutaneous
tissues. Edema may be localized, due to venous or lymphatic obstruction or to increased
vascular permeability, or it may be systemic due to heart failure or renal disease.
Collections of edema fluid are designated according to the site, e.g. ascites (peritoneal
cavity), hydrothorax (pleural cavity), and hydropericardium (pericardial sac). Massive
generalized edema is called anasarca.

generalized edema (전반적인 부종, 전신 부종)

neurogenic edema (신경성 부종)

papilloedema : choked disk, edema of the optic disk (papilla), most commonly due to
increased intracranial pressure, malignant hypertension, or thrombosis of the central
retinal vein : called also choke disk.

perioral edema (구강 주위의 부종)

phlebitis : inflammation of a vein. The condition is marked by infiltration of the coats of
the vein and the formation of a thrombus. The disease is attended by edema, stiffness,
and pain in the affected part, and in the septic variety by pyemic symptoms.

pitting edema (함요부종)

preeclampsia : a toxaemia of late pregnancy characterized by hypertension, edema, and
proteinuria, when convulsions and coma are associated, it is called eclampsia.

pulmonary edema (폐 부종)

Quincke's edema (퀸크 부종, Quincke 부종)

uremia (요독증) 1. an excess in the blood of urea, creatinine, and other nitrogenous end
products of protein and amino acids metabolism; more correctly referred to as azotemia.
2. in current usage the entire constellation of signs and symptoms of chronic renal
failure, including nausea, vomiting anorexia, a metallic taste in the mouth, a uraemic
odour of the breath, pruritus, uraemic frost on the skin, neuromuscular disorders, pain
and twitching in the muscles, hypertension, edema, mental confusion, and acid-base and
electrolyte imbalances.

visible edema (가시적 부종)

저주파 전침이 carrageenan 유발 흰쥐 족부 부종 및 척수 N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor 인산화에 미치는 영향
Effects of low frequency electroacupuncture on the paw edema and phosphorylation of spinal N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor in the carrageenan-injected rat

폐수종 edema of the lungs

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