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charcoal biscuit (소화를 돕기위해)탄소를 섞은 비스킷

charcoal burner 숯꾼, 숯가마, 숯풍로, =CARBONARI

charcoal gray 진회색

charcoal [t∫´a:rk`oul] 숯, 목탄, 목탄화, 목탄으로 그리다

mineral charcoal 천연 목탄

During the 1870's iron workers in Alabama proved they could
produce iron by burning iron ore with coke, other than with charcoal.
1870년대 동안에 알라바마의 철공 노동자들은 목탄을 이용하는 것
이외에도 코우크를 이용해서 철광석을 태움으로써 철을 생산할 수
있다는 것을 입증했다.

Charcoal is employed widely as a deodorizer because it
absorbs gases very well.
숯은 기체를 잘 흡수하기 때문에 탈취제로서 널리 사용된다.

어떻게 하얀 숯만 골라서 버려요?
How can I possibly throw out the white ones charcoal only?
= How can I possibly throw out the white charcoal again?
charcoal : ⓝ 목탄, 숯, 목탄화
throw out: 버리다

You have to grill ribs over charcoal to get the real flavor.
갈비는 숯불 위에서 구워야 제맛이 나요.

[위키] 목탄 Charcoal

[百] charcoal

[百] 목탄선 (木炭銑) charcoal pig

[百] 검탄 (黔炭) charcoal

[百] 백탄 (白炭) charcoal

[百] 차콜그레이 charcoal gray

[百] 목탄화 (木炭畵) charcoal drawing

[百Br] 목탄화 [ 木炭畵, charcoal drawing ]

[百Br] [ charcoal ]

charcoal 목탄

Who's our wardrobe supervisor?
의상담당 누구야?
- We don't have one. - Get one.
- 없어요 - 한명 구해와
Charcoal gray, navy blue, and black.
회색, 감색 그리고 검은색
Zegna, Armani, Hugo Boss.
제냐, 아르마니, 휴고보스
- He's not gonna look like an elite Northeastern prick? - He is.
- 북동쪽 엘리트 나부랭이처럼 보일텐데 - 맞잖아
- Let's make that sexy again. - Was it ever sexy?
- 그걸 다시 섹시하게 꾸미는거지 - 그게 섹시한 적 있었나?
Ask the Kennedy brothers. Oh, Will.
케네디 애들한테 물어봐, 윌!

animal charcoal : 동물 숯

bone charcoal : 골탄

charcoal : 숯, 목탄

charcoal iron : 목탄 선철

o 업종카테고리 o
Agriculture 농업
- Agriculture & By-product Agents 농업 에이전트
- Agriculture Products Processing/ 농산품 가공/
- Agriculture Product Stocks 농산품 재고
- Agriculture Projects/ 농업 프로젝트/
- Animal Extract 동물추출물
- Animal Fodders 가축사료
- Animal Husbandry 축산
- Aquatic Products/ 수산물/
- Bamboo & Rattan Products 죽&등제품
- Beans 콩
- Charcoal 목탄
- Cigarette & Tobacco 담배
- Dried Fruits/ 건과류/
- Eggs 달걀
- Farm Machines & Tools 농업기계&농기구
- Fertilizer 비료
- Fishery Machinery 어업용 기계
- Flowers & Plant 화훼&식물
- Fodder Additives/ 사료첨가제/
- Forest Machinery 산림용 기계
- Fruit 과일
- Grain 곡물
- Horticulture 원예
- Mushroom & Truffle 버섯
- Nuts & Kernels 견과류
- Pesticides 농약
- Plant & Animal Oil 식물성&동물성유
- Plant Extract 식물추출물
- Plant Seed 종자
- Poultry & Livestock 축산
- Tea 차
- Vegetable 채소
- Others 기타

Wood charcoal (including shell or nut charcoal), whether or not agglomerated.
목탄[쉘(shell)이나 너트(nut)의 탄을 포함하며, 응결된 것인지에 상관없다]

Agglomerated wood charcoal
성형 목탄

Agglomerated wood charcoal
성형 목탄

Pencils(other than pencils of heading 96.08), crayons, pencil leads, pastels, drawing charcoals, writing or drawing chalks and tailors' chalks.
연필(제9608호의 펜슬은 제외한다)ㆍ크레용ㆍ연필심ㆍ파스텔ㆍ도화용 목탄ㆍ필기용이나 도화용 초크와 재단사용 초크

고체연료및겔상연료 Solid and gel fuels
석탄 Coal
갈탄 Lignite
이탄 Peat
코크스 Coke
목탄 Charcoal
젤리형알콜연료 Jellied alcohol fuels
헥사민 Hexamines
트리옥산 Trioxanes

업소용조리및가열기기 Cooking and warming equipment
업소용베인마리 Commercial use bain maries
업소용바비큐오븐 Commercial use barbeque ovens
업소용브로일러 Commercial use broilers
업소용숯석쇠 Commercial use charcoal grills
업소용커피메이커또는아이스티메이커 Commercial use coffee or iced tea makers
업소용 커피 워머 Commercial use coffee warmers
업소용컨벡션오븐 Commercial use convection ovens
업소용컨베이어토스터 Commercial use conveyer toasters
업소용 튀김기 Commercial use deep fryers

폴리스티렌나트륨술포네이트 Sodium polystyrene sulfonate
트리엔틴 Trientine
류코보린 Leucovorin
소르비톨 Sorbitol
메틸렌블루 Methylene blue
항사독소 Antivenins
루코보린칼슘 Leucovorin calcium
활성화목탄해독제 Activated charcoal antidote
에디테이트칼슘디소디움 Edetate calcium disodium

캔버스,필름,보드및미술용지 Canvases and films and boards and artists papers
아황산도화지 Sulphite drawing paper
갱지 Groundwood drawing paper
트레이싱페이퍼또는벨럼지 Tracing or vellum drawing paper
본드지 Bond drawing paper
목탄화지또는파스텔화지 Charcoal or pastel drawing paper
브리스틀화지 Bristol drawing paper
수채화지 Watercolor paper sheets
수채화용종이패드 Watercolor paper pads
수채화지블록 Watercolor paper blocks

콩기름크레용 Soy based crayons
특수크레용 Specialty crayons
수채크레용 Watercolor crayons
드라이파스텔 Dry pastel
쵸크파스텔 Chalk pastel
오일파스텔 Oil based pastel
압축목탄 Compressed charcoal
바인목탄 Vine charcoal
미술연필 Graphite pencils
미술용 왁스 색연필 Wax based colored drawing pencils

목탄연필 Charcoal pencils
수채연필 Watercolor pencils
수성펜 Waterbased pens
퍼머넌트펜 Permanent pens
중성펜 Gel pens
테크니컬펜 Technical pens
붓펜 Calligraphy pens
미술연필용지우개 Pink pencil erasers
니드지우개 Kneaded erasers
비닐지우개 Vinyl erasers
플라스틱지우개 Plastic erasers
검지우개 Gum erasers
크레용지우개 Crayon remover
딥펜또는그액세서리 Dip pens or their accessories
서예용구키트 Calligraphy kits
그림물감 정착액 Drawing fixatives

貯藏方法에 따른 活性炭과 蔗糖處理가 折花薔薇 'Frisco'의 品質과 壽命에 미치는 影響
Effect of Charcoal and Sucrose Treatment under Different Storage Systems on the Quality and Vase Life of Cut Rose 'Frisco'

숯과 활성탄을 이용한 악취성 환원화화합물의 흡착 제거 특성 연구
Assesssment of sorptive removal properties of the reduced sulfur compounds (RSCs) using charcoal and activated carbon

[料理]갈비찜 (Galbijjim [韓音表記] ; Beef rib stew)
[料理]불고기뚝배기 (Bulgogi tukbaegi [韓音表記] ; Barbecued beef stew in earthen ware bowl)
[料理]부대찌개 (Budae jjigae [韓音表記] ; Spicy mixed meat and vegetable stew)
[料理]순대볶음 (Sundae bokkeum [韓音表記] ; Stir-Fried pork intestines with tegetable)
[料理]백순대 (Baeksundae [韓音表記] ; Stir-fried pork intestines with sesame oil and salt)
[料理]순대곱창 (Sundae gopchang [韓音表記] ; Stir-fried pork intestines and small intestines)
[料理]생갈비 (Saenggalbi [韓音表記] ; Grilled unfrozen beef rib)
[料理]이동갈비 (Idong galbi [韓音表記] ; Grilled rib marinated in soy sauce)
[料理]수원왕갈비 (Suwon wanggalbi [韓音表記] ; Big-sized grilled rib in soy sauce)
[料理]떡갈비 (Tteokgalbi [韓音表記] ; Grilled minced rib)
[料理]돼지갈비 (Dwaeji galbi [韓音表記] ; Grilled pork rib)
[料理]주물럭 (Jumulleok [韓音表記] ; Charcoal grilled beef)
[料理]돼지목살구이 (Dwaejimoksalgui [韓音表記] ; Grilled pork neck meat)
[料理]돼지생삼겹살구이 (Dwaeji saengsamgyeopsal gui [韓音表記] ; Grilled pork sides)
[料理]너비아니구이 (Neobiani gui [韓音表記] ; Grilled beef seasoned with soy sauce)

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